(Patient Profile) EHR - Symptoms

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Figure 1: EHR – Symptoms
Figure 2: EHR – Symptoms - Update Symptoms

The Symptoms Section is organized in a Table with five entries, as shown in Figure 1:

    • Date and Time that each symptom was recorded shown in 1st column
    • Constitutional recorded symptoms are presented in 2nd column
    • Upper Respiratory recorded symptoms are presented in 3nd column
    • Lower Respiratoryrecorded symptoms are presented in 4th column
    • Gastrointestinal recorded symptoms are presented in 5th column
    • Neurological recorded symptoms are presented in 6th column

Once you click the button Update Symptoms button located on the top right part of the Symptoms table, you see a modal (pop-up) window that shows the supported options for each symptom's category as depicted in Figure 2. When you press the Save button a new row in Symptoms table will be added accompanied with the current date and time.