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You can register a new patient while you are in the Patient page (more information about how you can move to the Patient page can be found here). To proceed to a new patient's registration click on the button add patient button which is on the top right corner of the screen. A new modal window named Patient Details appears where you can entry the new patient's necessary data for his/her registration.
The Patient Details modal window is organized in the following sections:

PATIENT PERSONAL INFORMATION Under this section you can fill the patient's demographic data and the patient's weight. All the data of this section are mandatory.
MEDICAL CASE INFORMATION Here you specify the current health status of the patient by selecting the Outcome from a drop-down list (Figure 2.1). Additionally, the Date of Illness Onset is also required. All the data of this section are mandatory.
PATIENT ADDRESS INFORMATION The patient's full address and contact information must be written in this section. All the fields are mandatory except the Apartment field that should be filled only when applicable and the Email that should be filled in cases the patient owns an email address. In case you are not sure how to write the address you can use the Address Search textbox to write any part of the address and the system will give you the total of your choices for Cyprus addresses.
Figure 2.2: Search for an address
HOSPITAL ADMITTANCE INFORMATION At the bottom of this window you can see a checkbox named Admittance Into Hospital . When checked, a new set of fields appear describing the hospital admittance (select general hospital from drop-down list), the ward (select one of the following from a drop-down list: TAEP, Suspect Ward, Covid Positive Ward, ICU Covid Positive, ICU Covid Suspect, Other), reporting the floor, room and bed numbers as well as the registration date for better management of the inhospitalization processes

Once the Save button is pressed, a new patient is registered into the Cyprus COVID19 registry database.

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