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From COVID-19 CY National eHealth Platform of the Ministry of Health for Inpatient and Home-monitoring and Treatment
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  • Figure 1.1: Welcome page
  • Figure 1.2: Login page. Fill the empty entries and press Login.

Watch Video 1: Login, Register, Search, and Select Patient

The first thing you see when you launch Covid-19 Cyprus Registry Platform is the Welcome page (Figure 1.1). To enter the platform, press the button sign in with ehealth4u icon.
By doing so, the Log in page appears (Figure 1.2) asking you to fill the fields Username, Password and Domain. For the Domain field please select from the drop-down list the name of the health provider you are working. If your Domain is Nicosia General Hospital (NGH) or Famagusta (Ammochostos) General Hospital (FGH) use your Active Directory [1] credentials to complete the corresponding Username and Password fields.

Example: A doctor working for NGH will use the username and the password that he uses to login to NGH HIS system to gain access to the Covid-19 Cyprus Registry Platform.

When you fill all the fields of the Log in page click on Log in button to entry the platform where you can see the Search Patient page. For more information about how you can proceed from here please refer to Search Patient wiki page.

[1] Each hospital has its own Active Directory (AD) to authenticate and authorize its doctors to its HIS. The covid-19 portal is integrated with the AD of Nicosia General Hospital (NGH) and Famagusta (Ammochostos) General Hospital (FGH).